Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tulipa abstracta

Windmills, wooden shoes and tulips: Holland in a nutshell. Well, I've made myself clear about those windmills in an earlier blog (Dutch Quixote). Let's finish up wooden shoes and tulips in this one. 
Had a pair of blank wooden shoes waiting to be painted for a long, long time. In fact they have been hiding in my shed for so long that it surprised me when they suddenly fell down from a shelve. Newton explained why the shoes fell down. Lucky for me, Murphy's law was not obeyed this time. The shoes didn't fall upon my head...

Actually I was reaching for some white canvases as I wanted to paint a tulip. A funny tulip. The little wooden treasure changed my plans. In part...First made the Skredch (as pictured above), then used the character to make a couple of little abstract paintings (ID's) on paper. 

Now all I had to do was combining Dutch Quixote, the Tulip and my wooden shoes. Holland in a nutshell? Holland on wooden shoes!

P.S.: Made some Tees as well, check them out here! 

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