Monday, May 19, 2008


After all these years we finally had dancing lessons. Ehm...that's not realy true...After all these years I finally agreed in having lessons. Started out with the best I could think of, the erotic (oops, i meant: exotic) dance: Salsa.

We are now doing the second series of lessons. A little bit of Merengue and nice Latin music makes every Salsa evening a success. The only thing is, you have to dance so close to each other, then swirl your girl, and back together again, and again, and again...At the end of the night it's hard to find out which limbs in of the bundle of arms and legs are yours.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Life 2.0

Do not to be mistaken. This is not about the cyberworld called Second Life. It's a scientific development I saw at the National Geographic channel lately. Just zapping around, I paused my remote controlled activity (there's not much life in me to be discovered this late at night....) at a documentary about the everlasting challenge to explain the origin of life. The question was: "How did life start?". The answer surprised me...

The beginning of life is hard to explain. So in the end, as you may have expected, the documentary did not answer the question itself, but ended up with another point of view. A number of researchers being interviewed, claimed that within a lifetime men will be able to create life. Now that the full strains of human DNA are becoming more clear, and almost all the elements necessary to create life are known, the question is no longer 'how did life start?', but 'how can we start life?'. A new life form can (and will) be created by men. Still unknowing what kind of life we will be able to create, we find ourselves racing against the clock. What will be the first life from ready to take over our place: "Life 2.0" or a massive invasion of bio-chipped computers?

Friday, May 16, 2008


What's a 'skredch'? In fact it's a combination of three words. That is, two words and my name: sketch, write and Eduard.
Every skredch is no more (or less) than a sketch of life, drawn and written by me. By using only a limited number of basic lines, every drawing is reduced into a kind of pictogram. A simplified note of daily life. Sometimes a short, funny story. Sometimes engaged to a political issue.... Just as often about nothing at all.
Skredches are the basic sketches I use for my artwork. Although it may be hard to discover the original skredch in the final painting as the artwork includes several elements, from pop art to expressionism. All in all you may consider skredches as a bit of cyber-grafitti. I left my tag behind for you to find!