Monday, May 1, 2017


To commemorate the fight for the eight hour (working) day, also known as the 1886 Haymarket Affair, the first day of May is known as international labor day. In a lot of countries this day is celebrated. Just as often it is used as a day for political protest.

A few years ago, one man has made his point of view very clear to everyone in The Netherlands. During the festivities at the National Holiday to celebrate the Queen's birthday, which was then celebrated at April 30th, he drove his car into the audience that was watching and cheering the Royal Family. Several visitors were injured, some were killed. The ruthless ride was made by a man who had lost his job. A single man's protest, witnessed by almost the entire nation at live televison. A nation united in its greeve by this incident.

"If only he had asked for help" someone said. 'Mayday' is the emergency code word used internationally as a call for help. A distress signal derived from the French; "Venez m'aider" ("Come help me"). 'Hello!' or 'Help!'; who can recognise a call for help from a man in psychological need?