Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lapis philosophorum

The quest for the Philosophers Stone is an everlasting quest for immortality. Humanity's first yearning is awareness, the second one is immortality. Awareness of one's self will illuminate the path to immortality. Herein lead stands as metaphor for ignorance while philosophical gold (Aureum philosophorum) stands for awareness. Antropological studies have confirmed that our unconscious believes it is immortal. How about that eh?

Driven by human greed, early alchemists did not seek immortality. Christian and Muslim alchemists interpreted the metaphor literally during the Middle Ages by trying to change lead into gold.

A man with upraised arms says: "I have reached the sky. I am immortal." A motif found in all religions, in all myths at all latitudes of our blue planet, running trough all ages. The stenographic image of the man with upraised arms is the letter "Y". A perfect pictogram for immortality. 

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Print your heart out

While 'brick and mortar' shopowners are still struggling to compete with internet shops, a new challenge is already awaiting them. Technology proceeds at high speed, presenting innovations in an amazing uptempo rhythm. which seems to gain speed with every new invention. Although 3D-printing is not exactly new anymore, the printers are now rapidly becoming cheaper. Thus distribution to consumers is expanding. 

A 3D printer will enable anyone to print the object they desire at home. No need to wait for your shop to order your product, piece of art, equipment, or whatever you simply create it yourself. Print anything you like, anything you want or need yourself. Shopowners are looking forward to printing their own customers...

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Feelin' blue

Every now and then this feeling pops up. Out of nowhere, making you feel a bit uncomfortable. Longing for something that isn't here. At least, not at this very moment. 'Unheimisch' in proper English...I always need some music to get over it. To get back on the road again. Somehow I always end up with Robert Plant's 'Big Log'. Bit of a blues song, with a ryhthm that stays in your mind and seems to play on forever.

Robert Plant, who's fascination with the blues goes back to his early days as lead singer for Led Zeppelin, said: "I was competing for attention in a four-piece band that was phenomenal, and I was trying to attack the blues from a kind of white English viewpoint as a singer… I found myself overdoing it, but it worked. It was great, I was young -- I was 20 years old. Now I have the gift of perspective and I feel pretty good about it."

Great if you consider he also wrote a song called 'killing the blues'...Well, let's move on, like Robert sung in the big log: "There is no turning back - on the run"

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

There you go!

Finally! The answer to the pressing question: 'Where did the other sock go?'
It's been a mystery for ages. Okay, decades. Alright, years.'s been a miracle to me, alright? So, where did the other sock go? The answer suddenly popped up. Right in front of me. 

My own daughter just took a shower. Washed her hair. And...there it was. Or...there they were! Several socks were wrapped in and around her long hair. Why? Cause in the morning, yes you've read it right, in the morning her hair will be curled. So she sleeps all night with socks in her hair. Well, that makes my toes curl...

P.S. I've got to admit. The result is stunning!

Thursday, January 1, 2015


'Wouldn't it be great', she asked, 'to be able to look into the future?'
'I can't look back, so why bother about the future?' he replied.

Every year a new door is unlocked, an old one closed. Forever, so it seems. As there is no way you can return, no way you can walk back into the corridor of life. So, on and on you go, towards the end. Some are excited, some exhausted by every door they pass.
Every new door reveals new challenges to be won. And the old doors behind you cannot be reopened. Only memories seem to pass on through the invisible portholes that are covering the past. That is why we actually are travellers in time, looking into the future, living by the memories and experiences of the past.

Happy New Year!