Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tulipa abstracta

Windmills, wooden shoes and tulips: Holland in a nutshell. Well, I've made myself clear about those windmills in an earlier blog (Dutch Quixote). Let's finish up wooden shoes and tulips in this one. 
Had a pair of blank wooden shoes waiting to be painted for a long, long time. In fact they have been hiding in my shed for so long that it surprised me when they suddenly fell down from a shelve. Newton explained why the shoes fell down. Lucky for me, Murphy's law was not obeyed this time. The shoes didn't fall upon my head...

Actually I was reaching for some white canvases as I wanted to paint a tulip. A funny tulip. The little wooden treasure changed my plans. In part...First made the Skredch (as pictured above), then used the character to make a couple of little abstract paintings (ID's) on paper. 

Now all I had to do was combining Dutch Quixote, the Tulip and my wooden shoes. Holland in a nutshell? Holland on wooden shoes!

P.S.: Made some Tees as well, check them out here! 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Perpetuum humanitae

Life is incredible. No matter what happens, life will find a way to survive. I'm not talking about the individual. Talking about the mutual organism. Life at large. Life itself. 

Lifeforms are found in the deepest oceans, on the highest mountains and probably in the most unexpected places in the universe.

Humanity as an organism functions as one big lifeform. No matter how many wars, fires, floods or natural disasters on its path, humanity proceeds. An endless "Perpetuum mobile" moving through time and space. 

Every man struggles. Every man suffers. (Note the reversed feet in my image!) All individuals are unknowingly cooperating. Being part of a worldwide organism known as mankind. Despite the irreversible loss of individuals, humanity proceeds. You may rebel the system. Fight your fellow humans. In the end you are just a part of the big machinery called humanity. Onward we go. Till the end!