Friday, March 18, 2016

Postcard Tales

I have always been fond of Short Stories; both writing and reading. But as of today I'm thrown back in time and challenged to write even shorter stories: Flash Fiction. Also known as one smoke fiction (*) and many more creative names. In short: fiction of 500 - 1000 words. Although the exact number of words is disagreed by many. (Why would anyone agree on anything anyway? We're only human...)
Flash Fiction has been available since 1936. Officially that is. Short stories have been written ever since we started writing. The concept itself as basic as cave paintings. In other words: "Keep it short and simple". My blogs usually contain around 200 words which is considered too short to be Flashy. Stories this short are known as Postcard Fiction. So now I am confused. Am I blogging? Am I creating fiction? Or am I only writing a postcard? Never mind, I still consider these blog entries to be written sketches.

(*) Seems to originate from China, where these stories supposed to be read within the time you can smoke one cigarette. Hope you've made it. If not, maybe it's time to quit smoking...