Thursday, February 26, 2015

Forced audience

Last week I made a blog about the numerous awards available to performing artists, and how many of us want to be such an artist. Made a skredch about that long ago ('The universal rockstar', see note underneath). But I must also admit I once tried to create a few songs myself. Even had made up a title. The illusive title 'Forced audience', explained by a few simple words:

Only some of us can be the performer,
the others will have no choice
but to be the audience. 

What's more to say...all the world's a stage? 

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Thursday, February 19, 2015


Human nature inspires us to challenge our fellow humans. We want to be better than the rest. The winner takes it all, remember? Those unable to beat anyone in sports, are trying to outstand the rest by obtaining awards by performing, being creative, being the best pumpkin grower or whatever. Medals, sculptures any prize will do as long as we can proof our superiority. We've got to be better than the others who are doing the same we do. We are no longer searcing for a place in the sun. We demand our place in the sun. All we need is appreciation. And if we can't get our reward, we'll create a new game, activity or whatever it takes to show anyone we are better at least in this particular skill. The number of awards is increasing, their value likewise decreasing...Applause to all of us!

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

A new G.O.D.

Marketing managers are complaining. Their buyers are devided into numerous, almost individual subgroups. These groups are hard to trace down and its members even harder to convince to buy Brand X. This move of consumer behavior has been going on for years and though some marketeers bravely state their customers are known and mailed individually, the situation will get worse. New information channels and social media provide everyone the information they want, at a time they prefer at a price they feel acceptable. 

Whereas marketeers understand mass marketing is outdated, politicians have not made this step forward yet. The outcome of recent elections as well as the behavior of Euro-politicians during the financial crisis is disapproved, criticized and loathed by most Euro civilians. While many politicians are hungry for power and glory (well...power and money that is), civilians are longing for a new system. The choice for a political solution is getting individualised. No more place for huge political parties any more. Citizens no longer want to be ruled by numbers. Politicians must rule by the wishes of the individual at the time the civilian wants it, or needs it. Politicians must solve problems in a way civilians find comfortable and acceptable. Sure the pack needs a leader, but we don't need a pack of greedy, corrupt wannabees. Ego's longing for power and money. No more place for €GO's. We only want politicians when we need them. A Government On Demand. That's the new democracy!

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Friday, February 6, 2015


If you're a regular reader of my blog you will be used to strange titles. However, Gatorway seems to be unexplainable. it? Sorry to disappoint you, for now that is... If you're interested or curious about the meaning of this title you will have to read my latest thriller. 

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Thursday, February 5, 2015


Science has reached a level of knowledge which enables us to enlarge our lifetime considerably. Todays newborns will be able to become 100 years of age. With this interesting expectation, mankind immediately proceeds to push the lines further and further. With an expected age of 100 accepted as a new reality, an expected lifetime of two hundred years becomes within reach and thus our new goal. All, as explained in the previous blog, part of our eternal quest for immortality. A useless quest as we already are immortal. The one and only certainty life has to offer, is the fact that energy will never be lost. After all, all we are is energy, so immortality is ours! 

Not exactly what we like to hear, as we are looking forward to achieve immortality keeping the physical conditions we are used to during our lifetime. On the other hand it's a comfortable thought we will live on in some way. So, as far as the quest for immortality is of the search! 

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