Tuesday, December 21, 2021


I was planning on a "remake" of the Christmas poem.
And what better way than using my Skredches as illustrations?  

I publish two new books this week. The first one is a  poem best known as "Twas the night before Christmas" by Clement C. Moore. I updated / modernized the text a little, illustrated it with my Skredch characters and provided additional information (a little background information) on Mister Moore and his poem "A visit from St. Nicholas". Because that is the real title of this poem written in 1822 (!). Yes, 1822. And still popular; still being read all over the world. Especially on Christmas Eve. 
So, don't wait, order your copy of my version "TWAS XMAS" as ebook or paperback and read the new version out aloud this year!
By the way, the original version is also reprinted in my book. So, no need to be offended if you prefer to read the old stuff to your family...
All of the illustrations I made are available as postcards, Tshirts and more merchandise in my printshop.
And... curious about book number two? It's called "Santarctica", read about this and even more Christmas stories in my blog "The best time of the year"! 

Pictured above is the cover of the paperback.
The original drawing was made with
Mixed Media (Crayon / Acrylics) on paper.
15 x 15 cm / 5.9 x 5.9" (drawing; paper A4)
Original not for sale
Check out artprints, mugs, Tees and more fun stuff
of  ALL my Skredch images as used in TWAS XMAS,

© E.Meinema

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